Charles II, Note to Lord Clarendon

Cartoon of Winston Churchill

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  • Charles II
  • c. 1660–2
  • England
  • Letter

Many notes were passed between Charles and his Chancellor Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon, during meetings of the Privy Council. Some show a personal angle on matters of state. Others, such as this one, reveal the King’s mind wandering to private affairs. Here, he plans a visit to his sister, and jokes with his Chancellor about the contents of the ‘night bag’ he will take with him.



[Charles] I would willingly make a visite to my sister at
Tunbridge for a night or two at farthest, when do
you thinke I can best spare that time?

[Clarendon] I know no reason why you may not for such
a tyme, (2. nights) go the next weeke,
about Wensday, or Thursday, and returne tyme
enough for the adiournement: which yett ough[t]
to be the weeke followinge.

I suppose you will goe with a light

[Charles] I intend to take nothing but my night bag.

[Clarendon] Yes, you will not go without 40. or 50.

[Charles] I counte that parte of my night bag.