Charles I’s request

Milton’s ode to Bodley’s Librarian

This Treasure is paired with: Milton’s ode to Bodley’s Librarian (No lending)

Bodley’s Librarian John Rouse proved a most determined guardian of the Bodleian’s books. In 1645, he received a note from Charles I asking to borrow a world history by the French poet and chronicler Agrippa d’Aubigné. The King was based in Oxford, and the request came with the backing of the Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Christ Church, Samuel Fell. Rouse brandished the Library Statutes with their prohibition against lending, and the King’s request was withdrawn.


Transcript of Charles I request to Rouse, MS. Lat. misc. d. 77

December 30. 1645.

Deliver unto the bearer hereof, for the present use of his Maiesty, a booke intituled Histoire Universelle du Sieur D’Aubigné: and this shall be your warrant:

His maiestyes use: is in commaund to use

S Fell Vice Can.

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